The Simple Truth


If it is not selling, it's not compelling.

It really is that simple.

If your home is not compelling or in alignment with what buyers are purchasing at a given price-point, your home will sit.

Not in alignment can mean outdated, not maintained, or too dark to name a few examples.

The great aligner for homes that are not compelling: Price.

Price allows for updating, repairing and brightening.

If you, as a home seller, have received two or more offers of $270,000 and “you will not take a penny less than $310,000”, it is time to stop fighting the market.

Take the home off the market, because, if you are honest with yourself, you really do not want or need to sell your home.

Stop wasting your valuable time playing “Seller”.

Stop blaming your Realtor because your home will not sell.

Stop listening to the “friend” you just met who tells you that “you are giving your place away”.

Stop convincing yourself that your home is worth as much as brand-new homes because you think your circa 1975 home is better built, and your corner lot should fetch more because it’s bigger.

If you are not getting three showings a week or one offer for every ten showings, your home is over-priced.

It is just that simple.

Overpricing is an expensive mistake that only hurts you. Yes, you. Your over-priced home creates un-needed stress for you and will ultimately net less money for you as days on market accrue.

So, get in the game and listen to your Realtor’s advice on pricing or take a seat on the bench and take a breather. (That is OK too.)

It really is that simple.